It’s time to get a fresh start!  If you cannot pay the bills or you cannot save for retirement, it’s time to consider a great solution. It’s never easy to make the decision to file for bankruptcy. Our team at DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC will meet with you to discuss your options, develop a specific plan for your situation, and help you find the relief you need to back on track.

What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a process that allows you to legally eliminate certain debts. There are several types of bankruptcy depending on the needs of the individual client or business.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge debts without making payments back.

A chapter 13 filing allows individuals to reorganize and repay debts over time.  Chapter 13 also offer other advantageous options, such as “stripping off” your second mortgage or a judgment lien.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows higher income individuals or businesses to reorganize debts without starting over completely.

Chapter 12 is a great option that is often overlooked for clients involved in agriculture, such as family farmers and fisherman with regular income.  A Chapter 12 allows the debtor to reorganize debt during continued operation of the business.

Each type of bankruptcy filing is unique. There are reasons that you might want or need to pursue one type over another. Our team of attorneys can help you consider your options and make the best choices for you.

We help consumers and businesses.

Our bankruptcy attorneys specialize in debtor representation, representing both individuals and businesses. We have filed thousands of cases.  Our extensive knowledge of federal laws and local procedures helps you obtain a favorable outcome.  We were filing bankruptcy cases well before the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act went into effect.  That is key to representing debtors today because a great deal of bankruptcy case law arose prior to 2005 and is still good law.  Our attorneys have the experience and know the effective strategies to get our clients the best result.

When you work with DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC we give you honest advice about your situation. We’re aggressive and exacting so that your bankruptcy is smooth and successful. We work to stop foreclosures, garnishments and the IRS.

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