Consumer & Bankruptcy Litigation

DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC – Consumer & Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys in the State of California and Nevada

DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC is a full-service Consumer & Bankruptcy Litigation firm. Here, you can get an attorney who can assist you with your consumer or bankruptcy matters.  Founding Partner, Jenny Doling is licensed in both California and Nevada.

  • Wrongful Foreclosure

This firm will provide our high-quality Attorneys to stand up to your creditors. Banks are required to file certain legal documents before they are allowed to take your property, but the banks oftentimes fail to file the right papers. If they do, our firm may be able to keep you in your home and seek damages for any wrongful actions.

  • Fair Debt Collection Practice Violations (FDCPA)

Creditors may violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.  That debt collection harassment may result in damages where the creditor may have to pay you for the harm unlawfully caused.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations (FCRA)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was established to insure that the reports made to the credit bureaus are accurate.   If an inaccurate report is made, it may damage your credit causing you to be denied for loans, or to pay higher interest rates.  We can address FCRA violations.  You may be entitled to compensation for damages caused.

  • Mortgage Servicing Violations (RESPA)

Mortgage servicing violations can be severe.  If you believe your lender has lost or misapplied mortgage payments, tacked on unlawful charges, or made other errors in servicing your mortgage loan, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment to evaluate your loan.

  • Bankruptcy Discharge Violations

Even after you file bankruptcy, creditors may still attempt to collect against you in violation of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court injunction. If that happens, you want to hire an attorney to protect your rights under a bankruptcy discharge.  We can seek damages and attorney fees for violations.

  • Bankruptcy Stay Violations

This firm can provide you with a bankruptcy attorney that can help you if a creditor violates the automatic stay while you are in bankruptcy.   Once you file the bankruptcy, you are protected by the automatic stay.  Creditors may not contact you, seize your property, garnish your wages or take other collection action against you.  A violation of the stay is a serious violation of a federal court order.  We can assist in filing an adversary proceeding against the violating creditor.

  • Truth in Lending Violations (TILA)

The Truth in Lending is an important part of the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act that require the bank to disclose the terms of your mortgage at origination. If they failed to do so, you may have a legal action.