Creditor & Trustee Work

Creditors Rights in California

The attorneys at DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC are uniquely equipped to hand bankruptcy matters. Located in California, DOLING SHAW & HANOVER serves all of Southern California.  Further, Ms. Doling is also licensed in Nevada and handles many creditor matters in California and Nevada.  The attorneys at DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC aggressively advocate and provide creditors and bankruptcy trustees with creative solutions.

Protecting Creditors’ Rights

In a bankruptcy proceedings, a creditor is a person or entity that has a right or claim to payment from a bankruptcy debtor.  This type of litigation can be tricky. Sometimes a creditor receives a bankruptcy notice from the court that leaves a creditor with the belief that it has no options available.  That is not true.

We work with creditors to determine the priority of the claim and the options available to preserve the creditors rights.  Our firm defends creditors in preference litigation, motions for relief from the automatic stay, non-dischargeability actions, as well as 727 denial of discharge actions.  We also represent creditors in matters related to the liquidation of non-exempt assets.

Unique Creditors: Landlords

If a creditor is a landlord and a delinquent tenant has filed for bankruptcy, then the landlord too must struggle with provisions of the automatic stay. Under California law, the landlord is prohibited from serving a three-day notice on the tenant or seeking relief in an unlawful detainer proceeding. If a landlord-creditor suspects that a tenant has filed his bankruptcy petition in bad faith, then our attorneys can help by moving the dismiss the case.