Involuntary Bankruptcy/Federal Litigation

An involuntary bankruptcy is a bankruptcy filed by the creditors of the alleged debtor.  If you’re the alleged debtor, we can assist in defending you against the involuntary bankruptcy and seek to dismiss the case.

When Would Creditors File for Involuntary Bankruptcy?

Involuntary bankruptcy is an extreme measure and not commonly used.  An involuntary bankruptcy can create huge damages for the alleged debtor.  When used, it’s generally used by creditors against a debtor they believe to be wealthy or capable of paying debts.

Involuntary Bankruptcy Defense

If an involuntary bankruptcy is filed against you or your company, you need immediate legal representation.  DOLING SHAW & HANOVER, APC is a staunch advocate for alleged debtors in involuntary actions.  We have seen the abuses that can be leveled against an alleged debtor and we have fought hard to shut down involuntary bankruptcies.  Each case is unique.

U.S. Bankruptcy Code 303 (i) Damages

When the involuntary bankruptcy was filed in bad faith, we seek compensation for our clients.  U.S. Bankruptcy Code Section 303 allows a debtor costs, reasonable attorney fees, damages, and punitive damages if successful.  If you’re the victim of a bad faith involuntary bankruptcy, contact our office immediately – (760)341-8837.